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    Forum Rules

    Post by GreenOokami on Sun Jun 30, 2013 3:09 am

    Okay so these are the Forum Rules that we all must follow.

    Instant Ban
    If you break any of the following rules, it will be an instant ban for you. A permanent one.

    1. Racist Comments
    2. Homophobic Comments
    3. Advertising (You can message GreenOokami if you wish to advertise.)
    4. Posting inappropriate images/videos, such as Hentai or Pornography

    Other Forum Rules

    1. Try not to be rude to others, be respectful of their opinions. Feel free to debate those opinions, but do not insult them.
    2. No bashing other members or characters. If you dislike a character, state good reasons. If you dislike a member, take it up with them privately.
    3. Swearing is allowed, but please don't constantly swear.
    4. Don't double post! Just edit your previous post instead.
    5. Try not to have huge avatars or signatures. I'll remove them and message you if I believe they are too big.
    6. Stay on topic in threads!
    7. If you're replying, at least make it a full sentence. No one word posting.
    8. Do not have duplicate accounts, I can see if someone has a duplicate.
    9. If you post some fanart/fanfic, please give the creator the credit they deserve.
    10. Do not encourage trolls.
    11. If you have a problem with a Moderator and their decision, message them privately, not publicly.

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